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​Spring 2018 Sale on BCS Tractors

  • BCS Professional series tractor models (732, 739, 749, 750, 852, 853): Call to get spring sale pricing on these models. We cannot advertise these prices nationally, so email or call for quote!!!
  • $100 off BCS model 710
  • $200 off BCS models 718, 722
  • Free Broadfork with the purchase of BCS 21" or 32" power harrow!

2018 Discounts on BCS or Grillo tractors other than above

  • PLEASE CALL for possible additional discounts on BCS or Grillo tractors and implements. BCS and Grillo limit certain discounts that we can advertise on the internet. So PLEASE CALL for unadvertised DISCOUNTS. We DO have additional BCS/Grillo tractor discounts right now! We also have "demo" tractors and implements from time to time at a reduced price.

Foster Parent / Adoption discount

  • 10% off Retail price on NEW Tractors, attachments, accessories, and parts for both BCS and Grillo. This discount is reserved for anyone who shows us documentation that they are currently a foster parent OR who has at any point in the past adopted a child who was in the custody of a state government (in the USA) after being removed from their parents by Child Services. The General Manager (Richard) of "Dailey's Farm & Walk-Behind Tractors, LLC" and his wife are involved with Foster care of minors. While Richard and his wife Rachelle have 6 children of their own, they felt led to help some of the children in care of the state of TN. In our state of TN, there are more children in state custody than there are foster parents. Sadly, drug use by many parents abounds, and thus neglect and even harm to the children can result. So this discount is a small way of saying thank you to anyone who helps care for these children in what is a very difficult and traumatic time as they are taken from their parents and everything they have known. Whether the removal of the children from their parents is justified or not, it's a difficult event for these children. This discount MAY (at the discretion of the General Manager) be able to be used in ADDITION to other discounts that may be applicable at the time. One last note about Foster parenting: The most desireable result of a child being placed in foster care, is when the parent(s) get their lives in order and are then reunited with their children who miss them so. Unfortunately in many cases, this does not happen. 

Non-Profit, Education Institute and Government discount

  • Qualifying Non-Profit organizations, education institutes and government organizations usually qualify for an extra discount. This can be 15%+ and up off retail price. These discounts apply toward both BCS and Grillo equipment. Additional benefit: When our schedule allows we are happy to donate our time to provide on site training and demonstration of the equipment. We can only offer the "onsite training" in our local region, southeastern USA. Please call or email for pricing/details should you qualify as one of the above types. (Certain restrictions apply)

2018 Full-Season Promotions

  • Models 718 & 722 receive a FREE hiller/furrower with tractor purchase.
  • Models 732, 739, 749, or 852/853 receive a FREE Quick-coupling component for Tractor (Female component) and BCS brand implements (Male components) purchased with tractor. Also applicable for implements not made by BCS but sold by BCS America.
  • Model 750 receives a free quick-coupling "implement" component for each BCS brand, PTO-driven implement purchased at time of tractor purchase. Non-BCS brand PTO implements (such as rotary plow, flail mower, etc) or non-PTO implements (such as dozer blades, toolbar cultivators, root digger, etc) MAY NOT qualify for the free quick hitch promotion. However, some non-BCS brand implements can be supplied with built-in quick hitches for a small fee.
  • Grillo G110 receive a free female quick hitch with tractor purchase.

Financing Options:


BCS America offers two financing options for BCS buyers through Yard Card.
The options are as follows:
SHORT TERM:  Deferred Interest if paid in full within 12 Months*.
(Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full by the end of the promotional period. The current APR for purchases is 28.99%.)

* Deferred Interest if Paid in Full with 12 Months: No interest will be assessed if you make on-time payments and pay off the balance before the promotional period ends. If you do not pay the balance in full by the expiration date, interest will be assessed from the purchase date at the standard APR, currently 28.99% for new accounts and 20.49% -29.99% for existing accounts. Making only minimum payments will not pay off the balance in time and larger payments will be necessary. Minimum interest charge is $2. The standard APR also applies to transactions that do not qualify for this offer. Offer may not be combined with other special financing offers. Prior purchases excluded and account must be in good standing. Offer subject to credit approval on a Yard Card credit card account. See store associate for more information.

LONGER TERM:  3.99% APR with 60 Monthly Payments*.

(Minimum purchase requirement of $1,500. There is a promotional fee of $125 for this transaction. Offer subject to credit approval.)

*3.99% APR with 60 Monthly Payments: A minimum purchase amount of $1,500 is required. There is a promotional fee of $125 for this transaction. We determine your monthly payment amount by applying the promotional APR to the sum of your purchase amount and promotional fee amount and then dividing that amount by the number of months in the offer. This will pay off the balance if all payments are made on time. Other transactions, including fees and other charges, may affect your overall monthly payment amount. Minimum interest charge is $2. Purchases that do not qualify for this offer may be subject to the standard Purchase APR, currently 28.99% for new accounts and 20.49%-29.99% for existing accounts. Offer may not be combined with other special financing offers. Prior purchases excluded and account must be in good standing. Offer subject to credit approval on a Yard Card credit card account. See store associate for more information.

For more information on financing, contact us.