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Hoss Garden Seeder: Retail $319.99 (Our Price $295)

The Hoss Garden Seeder is the most durable and versatile garden planter! It makes planting easy with it's innovative seed plate design that allows you to customize your planting to meet your exact needs.

The Hoss Garden Seeder is constructed with Amish-crafted hardwood handles, 15″ steel wheels, and a powder-coated steel frame. The drag chain behind the seed drop tube covers the planted seed and the rear wheel compacts the ground behind the covered seed.

The seed plates lie flat in the hopper, ensuring accurate planting without wasting seed by "over planting". The rolling coulter design in front of the seed drop tube works great for planting in gardens with un-decomposed organic matter.

  • Removable hopper for filling and emptying seed
  • Adjustable planting depth from 1/4″ – 1 1/2″
  • Stand-alone design with back kickstand
  • Plant small (mustard, turnips) to large (beans, squash) seed
  • Seed plates easily changed
  • Includes Seed Plates #1-6
  • Optional Row Marker available
  • Optional seed plates 7 - 10 available, as well as "blank" seed plates and a metal drill template to make your own seed plates

Included with the Hoss Garden Seeder:

  1. Seed Plate #1 (HS4-1001) – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, mustard, rutabaga, and other fine seeds
  2. Seed Plate #2 (HS4-1002) – onion, small coated seeds
  3. Seed Plate #3 (HS4-1003) – okra, pelleted: carrots, lettuce, beets, chard
  4. Seed Plate #4 (HS4-1004) – small sweet corn, popcorn
  5. Seed Plate #5 (HS4-1005) – small peas and beans
  6. Seed Plate #6 (HS4-1006) – medium beans, peas, large sweet corn, field corn