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Brush Mower (See below for video )

The brush mower is the weapon of choice for people who want a non-manicured lawn to have a lawn-like appearance. Mowing anything it can bend, the brush mower is a perfect solution for those areas that four-wheel tractors can't mow such as steep slopes, along ponds and streams, through walking trails, and more.

Brush Mowers have available widths of (21'', 26'', and 32'' for BCS) and (28" and 32" for Bellon).

The brush mower gives cutting power and protection with a floating deck, allowing for maneuverability in tight spaces. It's unique design features skids on each side and two 1/4" thick swinging blades similar to a large rotary brush for 4-wheel farm tractors. The horizontal blades fold back when encountering a rock or hard surface. The blades on the brush mower do not crop material as fine as a lawn mower or flail mower, therefore aren't ideal for cover-crop mowing. Cut material is released under a rubber flap in the rear.

Accessory Note: Models 718, 722 and 620 require 5'' x 10'' wheels to operate the appropriately sized Brush Mower.

Accessory Note:  We recommend 5'' x 12'' x 22" wheels for optimal use of the 32'' Brush Mower.  The extra wheel height will provide more ground clearance for the engine.

NOTE: We also sell the Bellon brand brush cutters. These are supplied with the larger size Grillo tractors and can also be supplied with BCS tractors as well. Our preference is to sell the BCS brand brush cutters, but the Bellon brush decks are good decks as well and we are happy to sell you a Bellon brush deck if that is what you prefer.

Sizes: (BCS - 21", 26", 32"), (Bellon - 28", 32")