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Chipper / Shredders (see below for videos)

The BCS Chipper/Shredder,100 model (formerly called BIO-100), is as heavy duty as it is useful. Attaching effortlessly to BCS models 722 and up, the chipper/shredder is easily transportable and accomplishes a variety of useful tasks. A high carbon steel chipping blade mounted to a heavy 37 lb, 1/2" thick flywheel, is combined with 28 swinging steel flails for multi-purpose action. The rotor is much heavier than competitive chipper/shredder brands; and that extra weight creates more inertial momentum which translates into superior performance. The chipper can easily take limbs up to 3" in diameter, and the discharge chute is equipped with a rod and lynch pin for quick removal of the discharge screen. Two adjustable caster wheels allow for easy transportation, and a pair of adjustable legs can be implemented for increased stability during operation. The chipper/shredder is also available as a "stand-alone" unit which features a Subaru SP240 engine and wheelbarrow-style handlebars for transportation.

There are also several other similar chipper/shredder models available. Your choice depends upon your needs. For primarily high shredding performance and less need for "chipping", a good choice would be the slightly smaller and more cost effective BIO-80. If your main task is chipping, than the 100 model is a better choice. If you need to do both tasks equally, than the much larger and heavier BIO-150 would be a good weapon of choice. Also available is the BIO 90 model which is a "high speed brush chipper". It will chip up to 2.5" limbs at a very fast rate. The BIO 90 is a chipper only, it has no shredding chamber.