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  • R2 Rinaldi 20" power harrow to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $1,950, our price $1,750​) | Fits Grillo G85 to G110 | Fits BCS 722 and up (not 750) | Weight: 131 LBS
  • R2 Rinaldi 24" power harrow to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $2,100, our price $1,900​) | Fits Grillo G85D to G110 | Fits BCS 732 and up (not 750) | Weight: 155 LBS
  • R2 Rinaldi 30" power harrow to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $2,399, our price $2,200​) | Fits Grillo G107D to G131 | Fits BCS 732 to 750 | Weight: 163 LBS
  • R2 Rinaldi 36" power harrow to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $2,749, our price $2,450​) | Fits Grillo G131 | Fits BCS 750 | Weight: 242 LBS
  • R2 Rinaldi 39" power harrow to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $2,850, our price $2,650​) | Fits Grillo G131 | Fits BCS 750 | Weight: 235 LBS
  • ​R2 Rinaldi Drop seeder to fit R2 Rinaldi 30" power harrow (Retail $1,699 , our price $1,500) | Fits R2 Rinaldi power harrow ONLY; DOES NOT FIT BCS POWER HARROW

  • BCS 21" "Clovis" power harrow to fit BCS ​(Retail $2,200, our price $2,090​) | Fits BCS 722 and up (not 750) | Weight: 152 LBS | Includes FREE Broadfork with purchase
  • BCS 30" "Clovis" power harrow to fit BCS ​(Retail $2,300, our price $2,185​) | Fits BCS 732 and up (not 750) | Weight: 170 LBS​ | Includes FREE Broadfork with purchase
  • BCS 32" "Clovis" power harrow to fit BCS (Retail $2,400, our price $2,280) | Fits BCS 732 and up (not 750) | Weight: 215 LBS | Includes FREE Broadfork with purchase


  • Minimum 5" x 10" x 20" tires but it works even better with 5" x 12" x 22" or larger tires.
  • Front bumper weight recommended but does depend upon tractor model and harrow size and operator size.
  • ​Pricing is the same to get "bolt on" style PTO connection or (most popular) QH or quick hitch PTO connection.
  • ​The 30" power harrow is by far the most popular. In our opinion, the best tractor(s) to run 30" or 32" power harrow are the following. With the ones in red being optimal ( BCS 732/739, 852/853, 749 | Grillo G107D, G110,  G131).
  • ​R2 Rinaldi power harrows can also be fitted to older model BCS tractors with the spline and or "flat 3 jaw" PTO shaft. Price is the same and we simply supply the appropriate PTO flange and shaft.

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Power Harrow ( See below for video and pricing)


We sell 2 brands of power harrows. The first is built by R2 Rinaldi of Italy, the Power Harrows (also called Rotary Harrows) offer the ultimate in seedbed prep and secondary tillage/weed control. Multiple sets of tines rotate on vertical axes for totally horizontal tilling of the soil -- No inversion of soil layers and No vertical compression leading to hardpan formation. Also, "stirring" action does not over-pulverize the soil such as can be done with a rototiller; soil structure stays in better shape. Depth incrementally adjusted by means of the steel mesh-roller in the rear, allowing 1" to 5" depth. Mesh roller also perfectly levels and pre-tamps seedbed for precision seeding and good seed-to-soil contact. Extremely heavy-duty, the hardened steel gearing runs in an oil bath, shafts supported by ball-bearings. Side panels are spring-loaded to allow rocks to be "kicked" around the edges of the rotors without damaging tines. Due to the fact that this is the only soil working implement that actually has an oscillating swivel-joint at the PTO coupling allowing the harrow to "float" independent of the tractor axle, these tools are also coveted by the landscaping industry for leveling out / renovating yards or any lumpy terrain. The implement even has a small (removable) adjustable-height grader blade at the front to level out the ground in that plane as well. (these units are also available by special-order with a full-width seeder attachment mounted between the harrow and the mesh roller for lawn/cover crop seeding.)

The BCS brand power harrow is the other brand we sell. The BCS power harrow is called the "Clovis" comes in the following sizes: 21" 30", 32"). Both the BCS and R2 Rinaldi power harrow perform well in the soil. The BCS harrow has the advantage of being several inches wider AND more importantly, it has a very "slick" and convenient height adjustment lever. This allows the end user to more quickly "dial in" the desired height than with the R2 Rinaldi power harrow (which uses a hand crank for height adjustment). Also, on the BCS harrow you can more quickly lower the roller to "transport height" at the end of your row which helps the end user make the turn with less physical wear and tear on the body. The BCS power harrow 32" size is heavier than the R2 Rinaldi 30" harrow, which will need to be balanced out with front bumper weight. Since it is heavier than the R2 version it is more cumbersome to move around when not attached to tractor. For residential usage the BCS brand power harrow has a 3 year warranty. This equipment is so heavy duty and durable that the warranty period is really an afterthought. The BCS version is easy to distinguish from the R2 version as its blue in color. The R2 is red. The BCS power harrow is worth a serious consideration now that it has such a quick and convenient height adjustment system.

These are very heavy implements -- may require a front weight on the tractor for proper balance. Also, we recommend that the tractor be equipped with 5x12x22" or larger wheels for proper ground clearance.