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  • Blitz 120 Vanguard 14HP Recoil/Pull start ​(Retail $4,299our price $3,899 | 5" x 12" x 22" tires stock 
  • Blitz 120 Vanguard 14HP Electric Start and Recoil/Pull start ​(Retail $4,699our price $4,249 | 5" x 12" x 22" tires stock
  • Also available (Upon Request) with Honda GX390 13HP, Kohler 14HP CH440, and Vanguard 16HP Twin Cylinder engines. Call or EMAIL for price on optional engines.


  • *** TIRE SIZES: Blitz 120 comes standard 5" x 12" x 22" | Tractor can be upgraded to 6.5" x 12" x 23.5" and other tires sizes if desired. Call or email us to find out what works best for each application.
  • CALL or EMAIL FOR a Quote and for "Intro" perks and incentives on Yagmur Blitz tractors!)


  • Female QH (quick hitch) and male quick hitch come standard (on Tractor and tiller) on Blitz 80, 120 models
  • ​Additional discounts available for tractor orders purchased with multiple implements. Call or EMAIL for details!

Blitz, BCS and Grillo walk-behind tractors, related implements and accessories

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Blitz 120 (See below for pricing and video)

The BLITZ 120, is a heavy-duty "work horse". When weight and strength are needed for tasks such as pulling turning plows, potato plows and similar, the Blitz 120 has you covered. Physically heavier than all 2-wheel tractors in its class, Blitz 120 has advantage over comparable BCS and Grillo tractor models. Similar gearbox (4 forward and 1 reverse (in both directions) to Blitz 80, but with larger engine options, larger stock tires, and independent steering brakes on each wheel. Additionally, the transmission case itself is larger and heavier than the Blitz 80 Transmission. Not necessarily "heavier-duty", but physically heavier and wider and with some minor differences to internals, primary the differential.

Unlike the comparable BCS models, Blitz 120 comes with quick hitch FREE. The Blitz 120 (and Blitz 80 as well) have the heaviest duty tow hitch. Substantially heavier duty than any of the Grillo or BCS tractors. Another advantage over the competitors is the location of the Blitz tow hitch, which is located in a better position and has a wide base, which allows a good mounting position for drag-type attachments (such as root/potato plow, sub-soiler, bed shaper, ridgers, etc.).

Attachment selection for Blitz 120 is the same as BCS 853/749* and similar to Grillo G110. However, Blitz 120 can handle wider flail mowers than Grillo G110, as Blitz 120 has heavier duty clutch than Grillo G110. Blitz 120 clutch will support up to 16HP. More HP then 13/14 is generally NOT required, but the Blitz 120 does have an "alternative" clutch option that supports up to 22HP. This clutch option is "special order".  22HP sounds great, but generally this much HP on a 2-wheel tractor is overkill.

Comparable tractor in BCS brand: 853 OR 749

Blitz 120 and Bittante flail mower pulverizing dense brambles/thorns |  Bittante Flail pulverizes thorns/brambles
Blitz 120 turning under plants/weeds | Blitz 120 turning plants under
Blitz 120 and 32" HD Tiller breaking ground | Blitz 120 HD Tiller preparing new garden plot


Engine options:

Vanguard 14HP 

OPTIONAL ENGINES: Honda GX390 13HP, Kohler CH440 14HP, Vanguard 16HP Twin Cylinder

Starting System:

Recoil (manual), or Electric start with recoil backup

Inverted conical type; serviceable/replaceable clutch lining
All hardened steel gears and shafts supported by ball bearings, in oil bath
Standard, lockable, control on handlebar
Steering Brakes:
Standard, controls on right hand-grip, with locks for parking brakes
Wheel Speeds:
3 working speeds Fwd, 1 Rev speed (in both directions) + 4th gear (Transport gear) in both directions
Rear PTO (tilling) mode:

Front PTO (mowing) mode:

Safety Features:
Operator Presence Control (deadman switch), reverse gear/PTO lockout (prevents PTO engagement in reverse)
Anti vibrated - easily adjustable up and down with 5 different height positions,  3 lateral adjustments in both front and rear mode. Fully reversible to convert from front PTO to rear PTO mode.
PTO Type:
2 Modes:
1) Independent, 985 rpm at maximum engine speed for front mount | 675 RPM for rear mount
2) PTO synchronized to wheels speeds for use of PTO driven 4 x 4 trailer 

Method of changing implements:
Integrated quick coupling system is standard
Standard Wheel Size:
5”x12”x22” tractor tread, adjustable track width, tube type. Foam-filled option available | Other tire types and sizes available as well
Standard outside wheel track (w/o accessories):
Tractor Weight (w/o implements):
Gas with electric start: 385 lbs.