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Yağmur Blitz Walk-behind Tractors


The Yağmur Tarım company, founded in Istanbul Turkey in 1974, is Turkey's largest manufacturer in its field. They offer superior quality and a wide product range thanks to their philosophy of continuous innovation and commitment to high quality manufacturing processes.  Yağmur believes in technological development and is constantly advancing in research & development with their know how and experienced engineering team. Thanks to this, Yağmur products are designed for the toughest jobs under extreme conditions and always offer more for the users.

Today, Yağmur offers one of the world’s widest ranges of power tillers, two-wheel tractors and mowers. Their lineup rivals anyone in their field including BCS and Grillo.

Their beginning was in manufacture of water pumps and diesel engine parts, and they exported their water pumps throughout the middle east. In the 1980s the manufacture and introduction of their first "power tillers" began. For the next 10 years, Yağmur Tarım continued to expand upon their "power tiller" lineup, introducing multiple new models and also starting to export "Power tillers" to other countries in the middle east.

In 2000, Yağmur Tarım purchased the Italian 2-wheel tractor line from Italian company Valpadana, one of the 3 largest manufacturers in Europe in the production of walking tractors. Valpadana company dates back to 1956. Upon purchase of the Valpadana line, production was moved to Yağmur Tarım factory in Istanbul Turkey. So although their Turkish 2-wheel tractor is built entirely in Istanbul Turkey, the orginal design of the tractor is that of an Italian 2-wheel tractor. This being the case, it is capable of performing similarly to other Italian 2-wheel tractors (BCS, Grillo) and of running the same or very similar attachment selection. One of the advantages of Yagmur is more features and better build quality for the same or less money. Also, Yagmur is the only brand of equipment we sell of which we will rent attachments.​​

See below for some background on BCS and Grillo brand walk-behind tractors. 

Grillo Walk-Behind Tractors

Founded by the Pinza family in 1953 (and actually originally branded "Pinza") the Grillo company started building walk-behind tillage equipment in 1953, and was one of the first companies to offer interchangeable implements on a walking tractor in Italy (original machines accepted a plow, tiller, sprayer and trailer).   "Grillo" means "Cricket" in Italian (hence the "bug" in the Grillo logo), and asked why he chose that name for his company, Old Mr. Pinza said: "For an insect, they do not harm the garden, and they make a pleasant sound."   Grillo walk-behind tractors have been one of BCS’s main competitors for decades, and actually the two companies collaborated from the 1960’s up through the early 1980’s, initially helping each other develop new implements and eventually even selling some of each other’s tractors (the old BCS models 705 and 755 were Grillo-manufactured and the old Grillo 7M had a BCS 725 transmission). BCS's original machines were walk-behind sickle bar mowers ONLY and it wasn't until BCS and Grillo started working together in the late 1960's that BCS started to offer tillers (Grillo's design) and Grillo to offer sickle bars (BCS's design).  Today, the areas of expertise are still apparent: Grillo has the edge on a better tiller implement, and BCS makes a nicer sickle (cutter) bar mower implement. Grillo’s current model selection offers a good complement to the BCS line we have carried for years, and several implements are even interchangeable between Grillo and BCS using an inexpensive adapter.  Grillo’s manufacturing plant is located in Cesena, in Northeastern Italy, and is still run by the Pinza Family.   Grillo tractors will essentially accept the same selection of implement types as our BCS tractors. The advantages Grillo tractors offer: excellent quality at extremely competitive pricing; more user-service-friendly design for folks who want to maintain their own machine. Disadvantages are: Not a widely-established dealer service network in the U.S.A. (yet... but they are growing!) and since Grillo is newer to the U.S. market, the equipment is not as "Americanized" as the BCS equipment, (i.e. multilingual owners manuals, etc). For the peace of mind of our customers, we stock "must have" parts for Grillo tractors and the importer keeps thousands of dollars worth of spare parts on hand which can be quickly shipped out usually within a day or so.

BCS Walk-behind Tractors


The BCS company was founded near Milan, Italy in 1942 by Luigi Castoldi and two associates, Camilo Bonnetti and Severino Speroni (Castoldi is the "C" in BCS; the other two the "B" and "S") and their first product was a motorized walk-behind sickle-bar mower. The idea was to revolutionize small-scale hay mowing for the small mountainside farmer in Europe; the only other way to cut hay was a scythe or hoofstock-powered mowing machines. The two associates thought it was too risky and bailed out of the company in the second year but Mr. Castoldi kept it going and after WWII ended, government money was available to small farmers in Italy to help modernize/mechanize the small farms and get their economy moving and competitive. Sales took off, and by the 1960's BCS had produced tens of thousands of machines. Up until the late '60s, BCS only produced variations of their original hay-mowing machine, with a few accessories. In 1967, a new chapter opened in the world of BCS when they began a technology-sharing venture with the GRILLO Company of Cesena, Italy, which had been building walk behind tillage equipment since 1953. The outcome was both companies offering multi-purpose all-gear-driven walk behind tractors and a full range of soilworking, mowing, snow removal, transport and other assorted implements. The two companies collaborated until the early 1980s and they currently operate as competitors, though each owes the other for where they are today. In the 1990s, BCS purchased two of their competitors in Italy, the Ferrari tractor company and the Pasquali tractor company, making BCS the largest producer of walk behind tractors in the world. In the USA, the  BCS dealer network is large and all across the USA (600+ strong). To better serve our customers we stock thousands of dollars worth of spare parts for BCS tractors and can usually ship same day.