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  • Dozer blade to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $524, our price $495​) | Fits Grillo G85 to G131| Fits BCS 718 to 948 | Weight: 100 LBS

  • Options:
  • Box blade ends: $70
  • ​Leveler plate: $29


  • Recommended for tractors with 8HP and up AND differential drive.
  • ​Wheel weights recommended for optimal performance
  • ​front bumper weights may be required to proper balance (depends upon tractor model)

Dozer Blade attachment (see below for pricing)

The BCS dozer blade is built for moving and "dozing" gravel, sand, dirt, and other small debris, as well as leveling ground. Heavy duty and made with 3/16" steel, the dozer blade can handle anything you throw at it. Its measures 36" wide and 12" tall. The dozer blade be run in either "dozer" or "grader" positions, meaning either front or rear mount, thus allowing blade to push or pull debris, based upon your needs. The dozer blade is fixed to the mount to prevent "floating" like the BCS snow blade for maximum leveling performance. The blade can be adjusted to five different positions (left, right, center) to steer debris in a desired direction. Optional box blade ends available for grading purposes and also a "leveler" plate to adjust blade angle depending upon tractor tire height.