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  • Bellon 20" flail mower to fit BCS or Grillo (Retail $1599, our price $1,399)      | Fits BCS 620 to 853 (not 750) | Fits Grillo G85 to G110
  • BCS 24" Bladerunner flail mower to fit BCS ​(Retail $2,220, our price $2,109​) | Fits BCS 620 to 948 | OPTIONAL Anti-scalp roller $181
  • BCS 30" Bladerunner flail mower to fit BCS ​(Retail $2,320, our price $2,204) | Fits BCS 732 to 948 | OPTIONAL Anti-scalp roller $185
  • BCS 30" Rollerblade flail mower to fit BCS ​(Retail $2,320, our price $2,204) | Fits BCS 732 to 948 | ROLLERBLADE MODEL ONLY AVAILABLE IN 30" SIZE IN USA
  • BCS 35" Bladerunner flail mower to fit BCS ​(Retail $2,420, our price $2,299​) | Fits BCS 749 to 948 | OPTIONAL Anti-scalp roller $200

  • Berta Shark 26" flail mower to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $1,950, our price $1,800​) | Fits Grillo G85 (9HP) to G110 | Fits BCS 732 to 750
  • Berta Shark 30" flail mower to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $2,150, our price $1,990​) | Fits Grillo G85 (9HP) to G110 | Fits BCS 732 to 750
  • Berta Shark 34" flail mower to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $2,350, our price $2,175) | Fits Grillo G131 | Fits BCS 749, to 750​
  • ​Caster wheel kit: (Retail $290, our price $265) | Fits Berta Shark flail mowers



  • Minimum 5" x 10" x 20" tires recommended but its even better user experience with 5" x 12" x 22" or larger tires.
  • ​BCS "Bladerunner" model flail mowers will require the optional roller for use on raised beds.
  • ​Debris screen recommended for flail mower applications | $59 ​to fit Honda engine (GX340/GX390) | Installed (no charge) by us when purchased with new tractor.
  • Front bumper weight recommended for certain applications but does depend upon tractor model, flail mower size and operator size.
  • ​In our opinion, the best tractor(s) to run flail mowers with are the following. The ones in red being optimal ( BCS 732/739, 852/853, 749 | Grillo G85D, G107D, G110, G131).
  • ​Berta flail mowers can also be fitted to older model BCS tractors with the spline and or "flat 3 jaw" PTO shaft. Price is the same and we supply the appropriate PTO flange and shaft based upon tractor brand/model.

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Flail Mowers - we offer several brands of flail mowers, depending on your needs (see below for flail mower videos and pricing)


Berta Shark Flail mower:

These heavy-duty mowers feature a horizontally-mounted drum with numerous sets of hinged blades mounted to it. The blades "flail" out by centrifugal force (at a drum speed of about 3,000 rpm) to pulverize material. Flail mowers are excellent for reducing mowed material to a very small size for quick incorporation/breakdown into the soil; very popular for cover crops for this reason. A six-foot tall cover crop can be reduced to 2" -- 4" pieces in a single pass and left evenly distributed across the width of the mower. Because of the time and horsepower required to "grind up" the material that is being mowed, the taller and denser the material is, the slower this type of mower typically has to travel (unlike a Cutter [sickle] Bar Mower, which only cuts material off at the bottom and therefore doesn't care how tall it is, or a Brush Mower, which will give a decent cut at higher speeds but just not grind the material up much). However, with the introduction of the Berta (same company that builds the Rotary Plow) brand flail mowers in 2010, this has changed. . .Berta is the first manufacturer to offer flail mowers with an easily removable baffle in the rear of the shredding chamber: If the baffle is removed, the mower discharges the cut material in larger pieces, therefore requiring less power, and the mower can be run at higher ground speeds, essentially allowing the Berta flail mowers to double as an effective and fast Brush Mower. The Berta flail does accept optional caster wheels if conditions dictate.

Available sizes are 26", 30" and 34" in the Berta Franco brand and 20" in the Bellon brand.

BCS Flail mowers: (NOTE: BCS has 2 different models of flail mowers, read on...)

The BCS "Blade Runner" flail mower (available is 24", 30" and 35") is the one of the heaviest duty mowing attachments in the BCS fleet. Perfect for mowing cover crops for quick decomposition, the flail mower has 42 vertically rotating "Y" blades that pulverize plant material into a fine pulp that is evenly spread across the mowing width. The front bulkhead is designed for lifting itself depending on the flow of material to be worked, which can be thick brush, vines, and saplings. Like the brush mower, it can mow anything it can bend. A convenient control handle sets the cutting height from 1/2" to 4", and retractable caster wheels allow for easier handling and transport. The mower rides on special side-mounted skids made of boron steel. Caster wheels are standard on the BCS flail mower.

BCS "Rollerblade" flail mower (available in 30" size): This flail mower is tailored toward the "market gardener". It has a super fast cut height adjustment system (via hand crank) and you can literally adjust the cut height in a matter of seconds. Additionally it has heavier and thicker blades than the BCS "Bladerunner" model as well as having an extremely durable "swinging" metal guard in the front, similar to the Berta flail mower except made of metal. The blade thickness and weight on the Rollerblade is the same as the Berta flail mower. Additionally, this model comes stock with the roller AND there is NOT an option for caster wheels on this model. Cut height is .5" to 2.5". This model (BCS Rollerblade) along with the 26" and 30" Berta flails, are our "personal favorites". Of course that does depend upon the specific cutting application. In the case where over 2.5" cut height is required, this model would not be a good choice. The Rollerblade does do an excellent job cutting up cover crops or similar on a raised bed and an excellent job cutting pasture and brush (see below for videos of it in action). However in rough areas/uneven ground the Berta has the advantage due to the built in "swivel" in the PTO flange. This allows mower to "float" independent of tractor on rough ground.