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  • Dozer blade to fit BCS or Grillo ​(Retail $1.199, our price $1,050​) | Fits Blitz, BCS and Grillo Tractors

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Generator attachment

Now you can run an AC electrical generator implement on your BCS or Grillo walk-behind tractor.  This brushless alternator unit is made by MeccAlte, a reputable Italian manufacturer (the same one Northern Tools buys all their alternators from) and it features a spiral-rotor design which provides "cleaner" power for electronic devices such as computers, etc.    Power rating: 5,000 watt continuous / 5,500 watt surge, 120 / 240 volts AC.  Equipped with a 20 amp 120 volt duplex recepticle (two plugs) and a 30 amp L-14-30 120 or 240 volt 4-prong twist-lock recepticle, two circuit breakers and a volt-meter.  For proper operation, simply increase the throttle speed of your tractor engine until the volt-meter reads the proper voltage (nearly full throttle is needed, like any standby generator).  Running at partial throttle will result in voltage and frequency that are too low, and can damage your appliances.

Needs a 10hp gas / 8hp diesel engine minimum for full wattage output (can be run by a smaller engine, but the engine will bog down before full power output is achieved...with an 8hp gas engine, about 4,000 watts can be produced, with a 6hp gas, 3,000 watts).