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  • Italian 40" Hay rake/tedder | Retail $1,949,our price $1,850 | Fits BCS tractors
  • Italian 40" Hay rake/tedderRetail $1,949, our price $1,850 | Fits Blitz, Grillo tractors

  • Italian 60" Hay rake/tedder | Retail $3,349, our price $3,180 | Fits BCS tractors
  • ​Italian 60" Hay rake/tedder | Retail $3,349, our price $3,180 | Fits Blitz, Grillo tractors​​

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 Side-delivery Hayrake / Tedders

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This well designed tool is PTO driven, so it has plenty of power to move a large amount of hay and sweep the ground clean. Fully adjustable height of tines make it adaptable to any situation.  In fact, when lowered all the way, the tines will de-thatch a lawn!  This rake makes perfect size windrows for our Baler, or you can rake a plot of hay into a central ‘haystack’ for easy forking into a vehicle loose. It also works very well as a tedder (spreads the windrows of hay back out to dry in case it gets wet before baling) - - it takes about 20 seconds to convert from a rake to a tedder or back again; just one simple frame adjustment. The front wheels of the rake are controlled by a steering system to guide the machine; steering lever protrudes back over tractor to operator. Available in 40", 48", 60" and 72” widths (48" and 72" are special order only). 40" size works well for raking pine needles in narrow rows and is more economical for really small haying operations where the Baler is not justified.

Click here  to view a video of a Hayrake in action.

Available sizes are 40", 48", 60", and 72". 48" and 72" are special order only.

Note regarding Shipping: To save our customers money and to reduce the chances of damage in transit (fully assembled, they are so large, they would cost considerably more to ship), these units are shipped not-quite-fully assembled …the steering control bar needs to be installed (1 cotter pin, 1 snap ring) and the height-adjustment-lever support bar needs to be installed (2 bolts & nuts, 2 cotter pins).