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  • BCS 22" Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher to fit BCS  ​(Retail $1,249, our price $1,187) | Single spindle
  • BCS 38" Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher to fit BCS ​(Retail $3,549, our price $3,372) | Dual spindle| Can be fitted to Grillo G131 as well with adapters

  • Zanon ZRA 800 | 33" side discharge Lawn Mower ​(Retail $1,879, our price $1,785​) | Fits BCS or Grillo Tractors 11HP and up
  • Zanon ZRA 1000 | 40" side discharge Lawn Mower ​(Retail $2,199, our price $2,089) | Fits BCS or Grillo Tractors 12HP and up; Grillo G110
  • Zanon ZRA 1000 | 40" side discharge Lawn Mower ​(Retail $2,199, our price $2,089​) | Fits Grillo G131


  • Minimum 5" x 10" x 20" Tires recommended on Lawn mowers 33" and larger
  • PTO extension required on BCS 38" mower with 5" x 12" tires or larger
  • Front bumper weight may be required depending upon tractor and mower model​​​. | Call or EMAIL if questions.
  • Debris screen recommended for mowing applications

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Lawn Mower attachment (see below for video and pricing)

Bagging mower (BCS): The BCS lawn mower outperforms most walk-behind mowers in the market with a steel deck and heat-treated steel gears in oil bath. Both the 22" and 38" mower decks provide the option of side discharge or bagging. The bags can easily be removed, and the side discharge port is above the deck for a wider dispersion of the clippings. Effective bagging of the clippings requires proper air flow, and the key variable is the distance from the bottom rim of the deck to the ground. BCS lawn mowers have the unique system design of adjustable blade settings on splined, spindled shafts- without raising or lowering the deck. The height of the blades can be adjusted in seconds with a mounted lever, and maintains a premium cut and peak bagging performance with the desired air flow. Hinged blade tips on the 38" mower are used to protect it from impacts with rocks, stumps, and other hard surfaces. Each blade has its own discharge into the bag allowing the maximum amount of clippings into the bag as possible. The bags on both mowers are also hinged so that it pivots upward and forward for easy removal of the clippings. We have personally mowed lawn in very wet grass with the BCS bagging mower and its does an excellent job, picking up all the cut debris and not clogging, even in wet conditions!

Non-bagging mower (Zanon): The Zanon brand mower decks (available in 33" and 40" widths) are side-discharge only. Zanon models have adjustable-angle input shaft assemblies that can be adjusted to account for different size wheels on the tractor and keep the deck parallel to the ground… but on the larger decks (33” & up) a minimum 5x10x20" tractor wheels is required.  Cutting height is adjustable on all models. Zanon units have steel gearbox housings and PTO mounting flanges for extra strength. Zanon models also have a “floating” feature in the PTO shaft housing that allows the deck to float independent of the tractor axle. Also well worth noting is the fact that the Zanon 33" and 40" side-discharge decks have blade tips that are easily twice the thickness of the BCS blades, and these coupled with the "high-volume" deck design on these models, it is AMAZING what tall and thick material can be cut very effectively (and cleanly) with these so-called 'lawn mowers' see them perform, one would almost think they were "brush mowers", but they leave a nice finished cut, like a lawn mower does. We have personally cut 2.5' to 3' tall grass in 3rd gear at full throttle with almost no bogging down and a nearly perfect smooth cut of the lawn.