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  • Bell Log splitter to fit BCS or Grillo Tractors ​(Retail $1,999, our price $1,899) | Fits Blitz, BCS and Grillo Tractors
  • Optional adjustable 4 way wedge ​(Retail $120, our price $110​)

NOTE: Deduct $125 off Tractor price when purchasing log splitter with Blitz tractor!

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Log splitter - horizontal only (See below for pricing)

Why have another engine around to maintain when you only use it a few times a year? The fit, finish and quality of components on this Italian-made splitter are second to none, and your walk-behind tractor provides the power.  The tractor PTO hooks directly to the hydraulic pump which is affixed in-line with the hitch assembly on the splitter to give the unit good ‘articulation’ for maneuvering.  Log cradle is standard equipment; removable 4-way wedge is optional and has 3 height positions. 

This splitter features a unique 2-stage valve assembly that lets the user choose between high speed/low tonnage and low speed/high tonnage at any time by simply pushing the actuator lever half-way or all the way forward.  Actuator lever locks back for ram retraction and automatically returns to neutral when ram fully retracted.  One of the best features, of course, is that you can drive this splitter anywhere you want it with your walk-behind tractor!  Double clevis hitch point and oscillating joint in tongue keep the splitter tracking perfectly behind the tractor during transport no matter what the terrain.  Splitter has a ‘leg’ that lowers from end opposite tractor hookup to support unit when disconnected from tractor and should also be used to provide extra stability & support when splitting.

The splitter splits in only the horizontal position.  If you require ability to split in vertical and horizontal, please look at the BCS/Wallenstein brand splitter, as it allows splitting from both positions. When looking for "vertical only" splitting, the Bell splitter is the best "value" option. Alternatively, if you require both horizontal and vertical splitting and or are doing serious amounts of splitting the BCS/Wallenstein is the way to go.