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BCS and Aldo Biagioli Moldboard (Turning) Plows

The Moldboard Plow (also called Turning Plow) applies the principle of turning soil used widely in traditional farming. The plow turns over topsoil, bringing subsoil to the top and burying weeds and previous crops; thereby speeding decomposition. This is an alternative to the tiller and rotary plow attachments for first-time soil breaking. After breaking new ground with the moldboard plow, a disc harrow, power harrow or tiller will still be needed to prepare a ready-to -plant seedbed. Of those 3, the disc harrow is the most cost effective.

The Swivel Moldboard Plow is comprised of two plowshares; one positioned over the other. One plowshare rolls the soil to the right, while the other rolls soil to the left. Pivoting the shares at the end of each row enables the operator to create and work in only one furrow. This is a necessity when plowing across slopes, since the soil needs to be turned uphill for good results.

Plows come in 8" and 9" size (depending upon tractor model).

ALL MOLDBOARD PLOWS REQUIRE AT LEAST 150 LBS OF WHEEL WEIGHTS (and may require larger tires too) TO BE EFFECTIVE.  Recommended for tractors with differential drive only.

REQUIRED ACCESSORIES:Tool carrier and draw bar are required to run the mold board plow for both single and double/swivel versions. See picture at right.