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Blitz, BCS and Grillo walk-behind tractors, related implements and accessories

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  • BCS 18" ​(Retail $899, our price $754) | Fits Blitz, BCS 710 to 722 | Width NOT adjustable
  • BCS 20" ​(Retail $999, our price $849) | Fits Blitz, BCS 710 (9HP) to 853 | Width adjustable to 26" with OPTIONAL expansion kit
  • BCS 26" ​(Retail $1,149, our price $992) | Fits Blitz, BCS 732 to 853 | Width adjustable down to 20"
  • BCS 30" ​(Retail $1,209, our price $1,049) | Fits Blitz, BCS 732* to 853 | Width adjustable down to 26"
  • BCS 33" "HEAVY DUTY" ​(Retail $2,399, our price $2,179) | Fits BCS 750 | Adjustable to 27", 30" and 38" with expansion kit
  • NOTE: BCS 18" TO 30" Tillers also fit Blitz 80 and Blitz 120 model tractors

  • Yagmur Blitz 30" Tiller (Retail $899, our price $825 | Tiller adjusts and can be run at the following widths, 18", 22", 26" and30" | Fits Blitz 80 and 120
  • Yagmur Blitz 32" HD Tiller ((Retail $1,050, our price $949 | Tiller adjusts and can be run at the following widths, 22", 28", 32" | Fits Blitz 120 | Larger, thicker and heavier tines then standard 30" BCS, 30" Grillo or 30" Blitz tiller.


  • Grillo 22" ​(Retail $790, our price $750) | Fits Grillo G85 to G110 | Width adjustable to 16", 18", 20", 25" and 27" with OPTIONAL expansion kit
  • Grillo 27" ​(Retail $890, our price $845​) | Fits Grillo G85D 8HP to G110 | Width adjustable to 16", 18", 20", 25" and 30" with OPTIONAL expansion kit
  • Grillo 27" COUNTER-ROTATING TILLER ​(Retail $890, our price $845) | Fits Grillo G107 to G110 | Width adjustable to 15", 19", 22", 27"
  • Grillo 30" ​(Retail $1,005, our price $954​) | Fits Grillo G85D 10HP to G110 | Width adjustable to 16", 18", 20", 25", 27"
  • Grillo 32" ​(Retail $1,083 our price $1,029) | Fits Grillo G131 | Width adjustable to 20", 24", 28" and 36" with OPTIONAL expansion kit

  • Precision Depth Rollers for tillers: See picture above and get more details here: PDR
  • Grillo tiller expansion kit (all sizes) $90
  • BCS tiller expansion kit ( 20" to 26" ) $165
  • ​Tiller depth wheel (see picture above) $55
  • Tiller transport wheel; Included with all Blitz tillers; OPTIONAL on BCS and Grillo: BCS Brand (keeps tines off ground while transporting from place to place. See video below) $104

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Rear-Tine Tillers (see below for pricing and tiller video)

BCS tillers: With BCS tillers, you don't just dig your dirt, you build your soil. Bust sod, prepare seedbeds, precision cultivate and, when gardening season is over, power compost spent plant material or between-season cover crops directly back into your soil for organically richer soil in the spring. Most importantly, BCS accomplishes this effortlessly. Like any good tool, your "job" is to simply keep it company. Because of its chopping action, the forward rotating tines are not prone to getting tangled with the plant material. With large wheels in control and proper balance, the tiller avoids "tine walking" and requires little or no downward pressure on the handles. Its compact design makes it easy to turn at the end of the row. Simply put, BCS tillers are of professional quality, to be enjoyed by home and commercial gardeners alike. The BCS tiller has 4 depth adjustment position. The BCS 20" tiller can run at 20" or 26". The 26" can run at 26" or 20". The 30" tiller can run at 30" or 26". 

Yagmur "Blitz" tillers are an excellent choice. Blitz tillers adjust to 6 depth positions. Depth position adjustment on Blitz is easy and can be done with one hand. All our tiller brands will leave up to 7” deep worked soil. We have 2 versions. Both are commercial duty; 30" Standard tiller and 32" HD Tiller. The Blitz 30" tillers are easily adjustable and will run at the following widths (18", 22", 26", 30"). No expansion kit required on the Blitz tiller! It comes standard setup in the 30" position. Blitz tillers are the only of the 3 brands we sell that include the tiller transport wheel AND quick hitch as standard equipment. Our Blitz 32" HD Tiller is physically bigger and heavier than the standard Blitz 30" Tiller (BCS 30" or Grillo 30"), with larger, thicker and heavier tiller tines. The Blitz 30" Tiller compares to BCS and Grillo 30" Tiller. If stepping up to the larger Blitz 32" HD Tiller, then Blitz 120 model is a requirement.

Check out this Instagram link of Yagmur tiller in action:Yagmur Blitz 120 tiller

Grillo tillers: Grillo, like BCS, also makes an excellent tiller.Grillo tillers adjust to 6 depth positions. Depth position adjustment on the Grillo is a snap and can be done with one hand. Grillo tillers also feature a “Helix” type spiral time pattern (with Bolo style tines) for a smoother tilling action.  Both brands will leave up to 7” deep worked soil. The Grillo brand tiller is easily adjustable and can run from 16" width up to 30" in 2" increments. Expansion kit required to get to 30" on the 27" tiller and to get to 27" from 22" tiller.

A Hiller/furrower accessory can be quickly attached behind both brands of tillers to make furrows or push soil out for hilling or ridging.