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With over 500,000 units sold, the Smart Splitter combines safety with efficiency. Ergonomically designed, the Smart Splitter has proven itself to be an effective and safe option for your wood splitting needs.

Retail price: $135 - Our price $119!

The safe and ergonomic design is safe for everyone to use and spares your back and shoulders, making the Smart-Splitter a great alternative to a traditional wood axe. The Smart Splitter is also effective, producing up to 30,000 pounds of force and it’s built to last. The Splitter combines a splitting wedge, a sledge hammer, maul, kindling splitter, and axe into one tool and takes up little space making it easy to store.

  • Includes a specialized drill bit for mounting Smart Splitter on a stump.

Smart Products are designed and manufactured by Logosol ®, a Swedish based, family owned, and operated company. For over 20 years, Logosol has been developing and selling unique wood management products. Their products are known worldwide for simplicity of design, reliability, and efficiency. The owners and employees of Logosol take great pride in the products they offer.

Smart Splitter (see below for video)

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