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 Bittante and BCS single stage Snow Throwers

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  • Bittante 28" Single Stage Snow Thrower (Retail $1,499 | Our Price: $1,249) | Fits Blitz, BCS and Grillo 8.5HP and up | Quick Hitch included
  • Bittante 32" Single Stage Snow Thrower (Retail $1,799 | Our Price: $1,499) | Fits Blitz 120, BCS 739 and up; Grillo G110 | Quick Hitch included

  • BCS 24" Single Stage Snow Thrower ​(Retail $1,499 | Our Price: $1,424​) | Fits BCS 620, 710 to 853 | 6.5HP and up | BCS does NOT include quick hitch; Add $109
  • BCS 28" Single Stage Snow Thrower ​(Retail $1,649 | Our Price: $1,567) | Fits BCS 620 to 853 | 8HP and up | BCS does NOT include quick hitch; Add $109

  • Bittante 2 Stage 24" Snow Thrower ​(Retail $1,999 | Our Price: $1,599 FALL SALE PRICE) | Fits Blitz, BCS, Grillo 9HP and up | THE 24" SIZE IS A SPECIAL ORDER ITEM 
  • Bittante 2 Stage 28" Snow Thrower ​(Retail $2,199 | Our Price: $1,899 SALE PRICE) | Fits Blitz, BCS, Grillo 10HP and up | Quick Hitch included
  • Bittante 2 Stage 32" Snow Thrower ​(Retail $2,499 | Our Price: $1,999 SALE PRICE) | Fits Blitz, BCS, Grillo 13HP and up | Quick Hitch included

  • Berta 2 Stage 28" Snow Thrower ​(Retail $2,849 | Our Price: GRILLO $2,300; BCS $2,756) | Fits BCS 739 to 853; Fits Grillo G85 10HP to G110 | 
  • Berta 2 Stage 33" ​Snow Thrower (Retail $3,099 | Our Price: GRILLO $2,700; BCS $2,944.05) | Fits BCS 749 to 853; Fits Grillo G110, G131

  • NOTE:  When purchasing single or 2-stage snow throwers WITH a 2-wheel tractor, deduct $125 OFF Tractor price!
  • ​All brands of snow throwers made in Italy.


  • Snow Chains available and stocked for 4" x 10" x 18" Tires and larger​

 Bittante 2 stage Snow Throwers

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 Berta 2 stage Snow Throwers (Click image for larger picture)

Snow Throwers attachments See below for video ) We offer 3 brands of snow throwers, depening upon your needs.

​Bittante and BCS Single-Stage snow throwers

Don’t be fooled – these snow throwers, with a single stage auger that turns over 1200 RPMs, will outperform almost every two-stage walk-behind snow thrower on the market (with the exception of the Bittante and Berta 2-stage models in our lineup and possibly some of the Gravely walking-tractor-mounted snow throwers).  Why can’t other brands do this? Simple: we have all gear drive.  The power necessary to maintain this high auger RPM cannot be efficiently maintained through belts, and yet that’s how every ‘competing’ single-purpose walk-behind snow thrower is built.  Owners of the BCS single-stage units call them “snow cannons”, and they are not kidding!  It’s mighty impressive to watch a blower throw snow 25+ feet!

Heat-treated gears are housed in an oil-bath gearbox and supported by ball bearings.  Augers in the Bittante and BCS-brand units are shear-pin protected. and because the “paddles” (which are at the center of the augers to throw the snow out the chute) project a half-inch or so past the augers themselves, this unit has the uncanny ability to crush and spit out almost anything…frozen chunks of snow, ice on top of snow, wet snow. Units have adjustable skid shoes on each side, which can hold the (replaceable on BCS, very thick fixed metal on Bittante) scraper bit on the bottom up off the ground as much as 1.5 inches for gravel driveways.  Discharge chutes are made of steel—no cheap plastic here.  Chute rotates nearly 180 degrees right-to-left via a handle that extends up to operator position; top of chute has an up/down discharge angle adjustment with a quick screw-knob or pin.

For our customers with larger size 2-wheel tractors, we offer a 32" wide model (Bittante brand) to fit larger Blitz, BCS and Grillo 2-wheel tractors. 12HP and up recommended for 32” size.

Two-stage snow throwers - For high volume snow removal

While the all-gear-driven, single-stage Snow Thrower is great for most snow events, the Two-Stage Snow thrower is specifically designed to tackle “the Monster” snowfalls. It will blow away drifted snow that is feet deep with ease and discharge that snow distances are up to 45 feet! 
Available in 24", 28”, 32" or 33” widths, these units feature a thick steel plate blower housing and cast-iron gearbox – both designed for hard use and long life.
Other features include a 23” intake height, 15” diameter auger, and adjustable skids that provide height settings ranging from 0” – 2”.

Shear bolts are positioned to protect both the primary augers, as well as the secondary impeller.

Like the single-stage attachment, the discharge chute can be rotated horizontally up to 200 degrees. The directional control rod extends and is fastened to the tractor's right handlebar for operator comfort.

We sell 2 brands in the Two-stage model class. Bittante and Berta. Both made in Italy. See below for pricing. NOTE: Berta brand snow thrower comes with adjustable skids AND rollers. See pics below for further info.