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​​Spreader (See below for pricing and video) SS

Compost is a key ingredient to produce higher yields and is absolutely essential as an amendment between succession plantings.

Applying compost to planting beds is also a time-consuming job -- until now. Spreader can be pulled with either a 2 wheel tractor, Lawn Tractor or ATV/UTV. 

The Spreader saves time, effort and energy while increasing distribution efficiency. Forget about wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes! The Spreader lays down a regulated depth of compost with 13 settings ranging from 1/8” to 1”. The width is 30” -- perfect for 30”-wide growing beds. And the distance between the spreader’s wheels is 35.5”, so it can effectively straddle 30'' raised beds up to 6" tall (roughly). How high a raised bed it can straddle will depend upon several factors such as how wide the bed is, tractor and tire height/size on tractor, position of tow coupler connection point, whether or not tractor wheels are extended outside the bed, etc. This spreader is scaled very well for farms up to 1 acre or so. For larger acreages, one could consider a model with a larger bed which we can special order. Contact us for further info.

Mechanically, the all-terrain lug tires drive a full-width, heavy-duty rubber conveyor belt, allowing the compost to evenly discharge from the front of the spreader. Once the end gate sets the spread depth, the unit continues spreading to the desired depth regardless of tractor speed. Activating a lever on the operator's side of the unit stops the belt at the end of the row, avoiding spillage while turning around or transporting.

The Spreader can handle all types of amendments, from compost to sand, making it ideal for landscapers and farmers alike.

Made in the USA, the Spreader is manufactured by a firm specializing in spreaders -- located in New Holland, PA.


  • ​6.5 cubic foot capacity* (Can be expanded by adding wood "walls" to increase bed height and volume)
  • OPTIONAL EXPANSION KIT: 14 gauge galvanized steel expansion kit is now available for the Spreader that increases the carrying capacity to 15.3 cubic feet heaped (10.7 cu. ft. struck level). With the increased capacity of the Expansion Kit, the Spreader will easily cover a 100' row spreading at a depth of 3/5".
  • Spreads compost, fertilizer, sand, and more
  • Stainless steel box for longer life
  • Spread width is 30''
  • Spreader can straddle 30'' rows -- right about 35.5'' in between wheels
  • Outside dimension is 45''
  • Lug tires allow drive system to function on walking rows or turf
  • Requires Curved Coupler (version depends on tractor model)
  • Fits Tractor models 732 and up BCS | G85D and up for Grillo.
  • 5" x 10" x 20" minimum recommended wheel size. But larger is better.
  • ​Can be ordered to fit Lawn Tractor, ATVs and UTVs.


  • Item: 921065PT | Spreader| Retail $2,425,our price $2,300 | Fits BCS and Grillo Tractors(REQUIRES CURVED COUPLER BELOW)
  • ​Item: 92265LMS | Expansion kit for BCS spreader | Retail $215, our price $204 | Fits BCS spreader | SEE PICS ABOVE
  • Item: 65PT | Spreader  | Retail $2,425, our price $2,300 | Fits lawn tractors / ATV / UTV

  • Curved coupler 92247720 | Retail $78, our price $75 | Fits BCS Tractors (749, 750, 852/853)
  • Curved coupler 92259500 | Retail $78, our price $75 | Fits BCS Tractors 732/739 and Most Grillo Tractors

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