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  • Carravaggi Stump Grinder: Retail $1,799, our price $1,650 | Fits Blitz, BCS Tractors 749 and up | Grillo G110, G131​ | 10HP and up, but 13 and up is best​

Stump Grinder attachment (see below for stump grinder Pricing and video):

Caravaggi of Italy (the same company that produces the "BIO" series of Chipper/Shredders) has now designed an extremely tough stump grinder, specifically to fit our walk-behind tractors.  This unit features a cast-iron gearbox with fully hardened gears & shafts inside, supported by ball bearings in a full oil bath.  The rotor is 14” diameter, ½” thick steel, with 4 super-heavy replaceable carbide cutting teeth.

Tractor must have independent wheel brakes, as you have to engage one brake and “pivot” the tractor back and forth, using the braked wheel as a fulcrum point (of course, tractor wheels are in neutral while the grinder is in operation). 

Available to fit BCS & Grillo tractors with 13hp & up Gas, 11hp & up diesel.