Blitz, BCS and Grillo walk-behind tractors, related implements and accessories

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Tractor weights (for various tasks)

Implement balance: Depending upon the implement one is running and what tractor/engine they are running it with, it can be helpful to have front bumper weight to offset heavy implements (such as power harrow, 34" flail mowers, etc.). We have several front bumper weight options to suit your situation and price. "Suitcase" style weights make putting on and taking off weight a breeze. For those that have existing barbell weights, you can purchase a J bolt kit to hang dumbells from your front bumper and its very cost effective.

Traction: there are several soil working implements that benefit when the tractor has more weight for better traction, such as (dozer blade, root plow, sub-soiler, cultivators, plastic mulch layer...). There are several options, the first is a weight hanger that bolts onto the wheel studs and you hang standard 1" diameter hole barbells up to 100lbs per wheel. The 2nd are factory wheel weights from BCS. They look very slick, but are harder to remove than the "barbell hanger" style. The other option for improved traction is foam filled tires. This adds about 40lbs  to 45lbs per wheel for 5" x 12"/6.5" x 12". You also get the added bonus of NEVER having a FLAT tire.

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