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Blitz 150 (See below for pricing and video)

The Yagmur Blitz model 150 is the largest and heaviest-duty 2 wheel tractor we sell. Thanks to its cast-iron transmission case, it's by far beefier and heavier than our other models. Specifically for heavy-duty soil working operations. BCS and Grillo do not have a comparable model to the Blitz 150.

Blitz 150 has 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds, along with differential drive and steering brakes. Like all our Yagmur Blitz models this machine comes standard with synchronized PTO.

It Also has 2 PTO speed settings, a 540 rpm and 750 rpm setting, plus an additional PTO shaft. Along with the syncronized PTO option, this allows the use of a PTO driven cart that turn the Blitz 150 into a 4 x 4 off road vehicle, that can drive practically anywhere.

Blitz 150 would be the best option for end users who are doing exclusively soil working/tilling operations AND who want the heaviest duty tractor they can buy. This model is not the right choice for fast change of attachments OR for running anything front mount.

Comparable tractor in BCS or Grillo brand: NONE - BCS or Grillo do not have a tractor this big and heavy duty. ​​


Engine options:

ALL engines are Commercial duty and MADE IN USA!

22HP Kohler Command Pro

Starting System:

Electric start

Automotive disk type (dry) clutch; serviceable/replaceable clutch lining
All hardened steel gears and shafts supported by ball bearings, in oil bath
Standard, lockable, control on handlebar
Steering Brakes:
Wheel Speeds:
6 working speeds Forward, 2 Reverse speeds
Rear PTO (tilling) mode:
with 6.5" x 12" x 23" Tires
1st: .68 MPH | 2nd: 1.26 MPH 3rd: 2.19 MPH | 4th: 3.67 MPH | 5th: 6.73 | 6th: 8.39 MPH 
Reverse: .9 MPH; 2.19
Front PTO (mowing) mode:
Safety Features:
Operator Presence Control (deadman switch), reverse gear/PTO lockout (prevents PTO engagement in reverse)
Anti-vibrated - easily adjustable up and down with 4 different height positions, and 3 lateral adjustments.
PTO Type:
2 PTO Shafts with Multiple Speeds:
1) Independent, 540 rpm; 750 at maximum engine speed
2) PTO synchronized to wheels speeds for use of PTO driven 4 x 4 trailer 

Method of changing implements:
Standard Wheel Size:
6.5” x 12” x 23” tractor tread, adjustable track width, tube type. Foam-filled option available | 6.5" x 15" x 26" Tires OPTIONAL
Standard outside wheel track (w/o accessories):
31" with 6.5" x 12" x 23" at stock setting | Narrower and wider settings possible as rim is adjustable

Tractor Weight:
551 LBS


  • Blitz 150 Kohler 22.5HP Electric start ​(Retail $6,500our price $5,900 | CALL or EMAIL FOR a Quote and for "Intro" perks and incentives on Yagmur Blitz tractors!​)
  • Blitz 33" Heavy-Duty Tiller ​(Retail $1,200our price $999   ​)
  • *** TIRE SIZES: Blitz 150 comes standard 6.5" x 12" x 23".



  • ​Additional discounts available for tractor orders purchased with multiple implements. Call or EMAIL for details!

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