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BCS 660 Hydrostatic (see below for video and pricing )

The 660 HYWS features state-of-the art technology from BCS.  Equipped with hydraulically assisted steering and hydrostatic drive, Model 660 combines performance with ease-of-use for tackling jobs where you wouldn't dare take a traditional mower or tractor. 

Designed for commercial front-mount applications only, Model 660 features a 16HP twin cylinder Vanguard engine to provide both the power and engine oil lubrication needed for slopes up to 30 degrees.  Hydraulically-activated, individual clutch-brake mechanisms allow operators to effortlessly navigate steep and rough terrain while enjoying the benefits of positive wheel traction. 

Model 660's most exciting feature is its hydrostatic transmission, which enables the operator to select the exact ground speed and direction of travel without the need to shift or vary the throttle setting.  The tractor transmission features the strength and reliability of cylindrical gears in oil bath with helically-cut teeth driving the gearbox's main shaft to the hydrostatic pump.  Model 660 is the only hydrostatic walk-behind machine in the world to be equipped with the patented and highly durable "PowerSafe" clutch.

The comfortable "EasyGrip" lever on the right handlebar precisely dictates the machine's ground speed, which is especially convenient for applications that require frequent changes of direction.  A hi and low range speed selector rod provides two different maximum and minimum speeds.  The high range is for mowing light material quickly, while the low range is intended for heavy, more arduous cutting applications.

The machine also features an "auto hold" braking ability which locks the machine in position, even when the engine is off.  A manual release mechanism protected by a safety lock gives the operator the ability to "free wheel" the machine in neutral when necessary.

Model 660 has several wheel options to accommodate the large range of applications that the machine is suited for. 

Engine options:

 16 HP Briggs Vanguard Twin cylinder, gas

Starting System:

 Electric start and Recoil start

 Powersafe Hydro-mechanical, "wet" clutch
 Hydrostatic with high and low range; over all hardened steel gears and shafts supported by ball bearings, in oil bath
 Standard, lockable, control on handlebar
Steering Brakes:
 Hydraulically-activated clutch-brakes control steering for easy maneuverability
 Automatic parking brake with manual release mechanism
Wheel Speeds:
 High range and low range
Rear PTO (tilling) mode:
Front PTO (mowing) mode:
 Low range:  0 to 3 MPH
 High range: 0 to 4.5 MPH
Safety Features:
Operator Presence Control (deadman switch)
 Anti vibrated - easily adjustable up and down with 7 different height positions and 3 lateral adjustments (side to side)
PTO Type:
 Independent, 990 rpm at maximum engine speed
Method of changing implements:
 Heavy duty quick coupling system unique to this model
Standard Wheel Size:
 Multiple options available (5" x 10" thru 6.5" x 12")
Standard outside wheel track (w/o accessories):
 34" Minimum with 5" x 10" Ag tires to a Maximum of 49" with spiked wheels
Tractor Weight (w/o implements):
 369 lbs WITH 5" X 10" X 20" Tires

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  • BCS 660 Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Twin Cylinder, 16HP Gas, Recoil/Manual start ​(Retail $9,500our price $9,025 CALL or EMAIL FOR OUR SPECIAL SALE PRICE! ​) | TIRES/WHEELS NOT INCLUDED AND ARE PRICED SEPARATELY | Additional tire sizes available
  • *** TIRE SIZES: BCS 660 can run many different tire setups, starting with 5" x 10" x 20" and up and including Tracks, rubber or steel. Notice the various tire sizes in the pictures above.


  • Male QH (quick hitch) included FREE with above tractor models
  • ​Female QH (quick hitch) included FREE When purchasing at least 2 BCS brand implements at same time as tractor. Certain BCS and NON-BCS brand implements come WITH Integrated Quick Hitch at no extra charge. Call or EMAIL us for detail.
  • Additional discounts available for tractor orders purchased with multiple implements. Call or email for details!
  • Call or EMAIL us for unpublished promotional pricing that is in effect, but we don't advertise nationally!