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  • BCS Brand Rigers below:
  • DMW002AD | Retail $149 our price $134 | Fits Blitz, BCS or Grillo tractors | Requires either tool carrier or tool carrier and straight bar for double ridger setup
  • 922TCK00 | BCS Tool Carrier kit | Retail $260, our price $247 | Includes Adjustable tool carrier and draw bar

  • Wheel weights recommended
  • Works best with taller tires, call or email us if questions.

BCS and Aldo Biagiloi Adjustable Ridgers (see below for pricing)

Aldo Biagioli Adjustable Ridger is a tool that attaches to the tractor in place of the tiller, and since the tiller implement is no longer there to help “push” the tractor, wheel weights are recommended for extra traction.  “Attack” angle of this tool relative to tractor is adjustable, unlike the above two styles, and this one can also be offset slightly (up to 4”) to the left or right of the tractor center-point if desired, as the drawbar has multiple mounting holes. The Drawbar on the Aldo Biagioli brand tools (shown below) attaches to tractor at PTO mounting, for a solid and sturdy mount.

If you would like to run a similar type attachment connected to your tiller, see the "tiller mounted" hiller/furrower here.

​Aldo Biagioli offers two sizes of Ridgers, to accommodate different tractor sizes: Small for tractors with 18” & 20” tall tires, or Large for tractors with 22” & 23” tall tires. PLUS, we offer shank-mount ridgers that can be clamped to the Bedshaper or Straight-Bar Cultivator frames, if you want to make two furrows at once. Dimensions of the various ridger plows (not counting frame) are as follows:

  • “Small”: 10” tall, cutting “shoe” at base 5.5” wide, wings are 16.5” wide fully extended
  • “Large: 11” tall, cutting “shoe” at base 6.25” wide, wings are 18” wide fully extended
  • “Clamp-on” (for tool bars): 8.5” tall, cutting “shoe” at base 5.25” wide, wings are 17.5” wide fully extended PRICE FOR THIS ITEM SHOWN ON TOOLBAR / CULTIVATORS PAGE

REQUIRED ACCESSORIES: The draw bar is required to run the adjustable ridger. See picture on left.