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Brush Mower (See below for video )

The brush mower is the weapon of choice for people who want a non-manicured lawn to have a lawn-like appearance. Mowing anything it can bend, the brush mower is a perfect solution for those areas that four-wheel tractors can't mow such as steep slopes, along ponds and streams, through walking trails, and more. This mowers are like "mini-versions" of the 4 wheel tractor "bush hogs". The horizontal blades fold back when encountering a rock, stump or hard surface. This helps prevent damage to gearbox. The blades on the brush mower do not chop material as fine as a lawn mower or flail mower, therefore aren't ideal for cover-crop mowing. But these mowers can cut just about anything that they can bend over, such as 2"+ saplings. They are good in rough areas and can take abuse. One could cut multiple foot tall grass/brush/weeds/sapling/brambles with ease. We have personally cut material more than 5' tall! 

We sell several different brands to fit both BCS and Grillo 2 wheel tractors. See Below.

BCS/Del Morino brand: This brush mower made by Del Morino of Italy for BCS, has been around for 2 decades. Its a very good brush mower and can take abuse. It has a steel reinforced Aluminum gearbox, Hardened gears with shafts supported by ball bearings in oil bath. Input shaft has a swivel built into it that allows the mower to "float" independant of tractor axle, and follow the contour of the ground on rough/uneven terrain. Cut material is released under a rubber flap in the rear. Front rubber flap and metal "lip" is adjustable for users needs. It can be moved up or down with a couple of bolts. Moving it upward "opens" the front of the mower and allows much more volume of material under the mower more easily. Cut height on this mower is 4", non adjustable.

Available Sizes: BCS - 21", 26", 32" | Grillo - 21", 26"

Bellon brand: The importer calls this a "Super-duty" brush mower, due to the following features: Cast-Iron gearbox housing with hardened steel gears and ball bearings in oil bath. Input shaft housing is designed with an oscillating swivel so that deck “floats”, or follows the contour of the ground, independent of the tractor axle, and also has “leveling springs” to help offset the torque of the PTO shaft through this swivel. Cut material comes out under series of hanging chains (just like a BIG bush-hog — chains never dry-rot or need replacement!) in the rear of mower. Front mower "opening" of this mower is NOT adjustable like the BCS, however the size of the opening is good and this is not a problem. Cutting height adjustable from 2.5 to 4” by moving the skids up or down with 4 nuts. (Although, to meet current safety standards for brush mowers, the blades must cut at 4” high. So, if you adjust for a lower cutting height, it is at your own risk!!) Blades are designed to be flipped over, for more life. Blade carrier disk even comes with 2 extra blade-mounting holes, so if you bash into enough rocks enough to deform the original set of holes, you can just move to the “spare” holes. Available Sizes: 28" to fit both BCS and Grillo (G110)

Accessory Note: We recommend a minimum of 5" x 10" x 20" with any brush mower. But 5'' x 12'' x 22" wheels (or larger) are optimal. This does depend upon tractor model. The extra wheel height will provide more ground clearance for the engine that is needed in rough areas.