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BCS and Aldo Biagioli Sub-soilers

This is a good alternative to broadforking as one can make 2 or 3 passes down a growing bed and loosen the soil nicely. After that one can follow with the tiller or power harrow for final seedbed prep. The Sub-soiler / ripper, allows you to break up hardpan, loosen compacted soil up to 11” deep and rip through sod, etc., with your walk-behind tractor. 2 depth positions. Achieving maximum depth will depend upon weight of tractor model, amount of wheel weight AND your soil conditions. In extremely hard compacted soils, it may not be possible to get to maximum depth the first time.


REQUIRED ACCESSORIES:Tool carrier and draw bar are required to run the sub-soiler. See picture at right.


We sell 2 brands of the sub-soiler / ripper: one by BCS and the other by Aldo Biagioli. Both brands are made in Italy. Both brands work very well when connected to the tractor PTO. Both brands allow for multiple other "drag" type attachments with the same tool carrier and draw bar. You do NOT need to buy additional tool carriers or drawbars to switch between (sub soiler, root digger, bed shaper, cultivators and ridgers. You only need 1.) The BCS branded tool carrier is ergonomically nicer.

  • BCS Sub-soiler | Retail $279,our price $251 | Fits Blitz, BCS and Grillo tractors
  • AB Sub-soiler | Retail $160, our price $145 |
  • ​BCS Tool Carrier Kit (Includes Adjustable tool carrier and Drawbar) | Retail $260, our price $247 | Fits cultivators, subsoiler, Bedshaper, root digger, ridgers
  • ​BCS "Blank" male Quick hitch to fit draw bar | Retail $55, our price $50 | This is necessary if your tractor has quick hitch!​​


  • Wheel weights and or barbell hangers required | We have several options, ask us which works best for you
  • ​Minimum tire size 5" x 10" x 20" or larger 
  • Requires Tool Carrier | For BCS, the Tool carrier Kit includes both drawbar and adjustable tool carrier | Quick hitch is optional
  • Requires DrawBar | Aldo Biagioli brand can be purchased WITH integrated quick hitch if desired
  • Quick Hitch OPTIONAL on BCS Brand Drawbar