BCS and Grillo walk-behind tractors, related implements and accessories

A walking tractor, walk-behind tractor, or two wheel tractor, is a two-wheeled, single axle version of a four wheeled farm tractor. Like a 4 wheel farm tractor they are incredibly durable and dependable and built for many thousands of hours of use. Walk-Behind Tractor brands, such as BCS or Grillo have the ability to "run" many different kinds of implements, while having the added benefit of the handlebars being reversible 180 degrees. This gives the walk-behind tractor front and rear PTO capabilities. Walk-behind tractors are excellent for use on steep or rough terrain where a four wheel tractor could pose safety issues. Unlike a 4 wheel tractor, using a walk-behind tractor provides the added benefit of exercise as well as being "more in touch with the earth".  Additionally, the walk-behind tractor provides the ability to have one tractor that runs many different implements rather than having to own and maintain many stand alone pieces of equipment  such as lawn mowers, tillers, chippers, and more. Having only one engine/power source saves time and money on engine maintenance.

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  • Experience and specialization: We are 1 of only 2 full time Walk-Behind Tractor dealers in the USA who specialize in ONLY Walk-Behind Tractors. We literally work on and use BCS and Grillo walk-behind Tractors 5 days per week. This gives us a BIG advantage over other dealers. BCS and Grillo brand walk-behind tractors are our specialty. We can help guide you to determine which tractor is "right for you", and do so quickly.
  • Discounted everyday pricing! We like to give our customers the best price possible while still making a profit and staying in business for our customers.
  • Customer focused: Our customers are the reason we are in business. Exceptional service 100% of the time is our goal. Once you become our customer, we will support you as long as you own your equipment. We are very grateful for each and every customer!
  • Inventory: We offer more tractor and implement selection than most other dealers. We have numerous tractor models in stock as well as many implements and parts.
  • Try the equipment before you buy!! We welcome our customers to come and try out the equipment before purchasing.
  • Money back guarantee! If you are not satisfied with you equipment, bring it back for a full refund. Certain restrictions apply.
  • Free training with equipment purchase.
  • If purchasing equipment from us, we can deliver (in some cases) or meet you somewhere if you are not local, as well as ship your equipment right to your home.
  • Serving our customers needs and providing exceptional customer service is a top priority for us, including before and after the sale. If you are not happy, we are not happy! If you choose to do business with us, God willing, we will be around for many years to serve you and answer any questions you may have.

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